Pricing will always be determined when you reach out during booking. 

With that in mind here is a general idea of what we charge for some events. If you are un-sure or don’t see what you are looking for here be sure to reach out to us. It’s a very easy process. We are friendly and easy to work with. We can offer deals and discounts for some types of events.

Keep in mind we offer several base sound and lighting system configurations. Pricing is dependent on this.


  • – While still offering far better value than most competitors this package is usually for smaller budget minded parties. It features 1 subwoofer, a simple sound-activated lighting bar, 2 EAW KF300z mains and 2 microphones for announcements.
  • – Offers some of the best quality for larger parties and bands. Offers 2 computer controlled lighting bars, 2x subwoofers, 2 EAW KF300z Mains, Up to 8 microphones, 2 monitor speakers, projector, lasers, and haze.
  • C – This is our largest configuration and requires suitable space, often used for school dances, proms, and corporate events. Includes 2 vertical trusses with moving lights and pars, two additional horizontal lighting bars, 4x EAW KF300z, 2x Double 18in Subwoofers, 4x monitors, up to 16mics, lasers, projector and haze.

All 3 configurations include a Behringer x32 digital mixer with SD8 Stagebox.  Confused? Call us!

Private Parties

Often prices will depend on location and time of the party. We are able to offer a microphone to party organizers or entertainers. Any special requirements should be made known to us before the event.

  • Configuration A – about $650 for 4 hours with an additional $120 per hour.
  • Configuration B – about $750 for 4 hours with an additional $150 per hour.


Check our our wedding pitch as to why you should choose us if you haven’t already. 

Weddings are typically more involved and usually more expensive. To accommodate all people who are interested in getting a quality DJ for their wedding with-out breaking the bank we offer several options.

Standard Wedding Package – Essentially a quality DJ with quality sound and lighting but we do not MC (Master of Ceremony). This means don’t count on us to make announcements regarding the groom or bride, dinner, or other wedding events. You can how-ever provide your own MC. Equipment Configurations are usually similar to option A but more can be provided if you ask. Usually runs about $900.

Advanced Wedding Package – Our most commonly purchased package it is a great balance of affordability and style . In addition to everything included in the previous package we will MC the event. This option typically includes Config B but also with some of the additional lights of Config C.  Typically $1150.

Premium Wedding Package – This is our full setup. Essentially config C with us MCing the event. Along with up to 10 additional uplighting fixtures. This usually requires a few hours to setup. $1500 and up.

Please contact us to get a more accurate quote for your wedding!

Large Scale Dances & School Events

These are typically only offered with config option C. Pricing depends on the requirements of the event organizer. We offer event insurance and maintain an LLC for liability. We can also provide an EIN for tax requirements. Music considerations will have to be made in terms of what can and cannot be played. Please contact Mitchell at Pasadena Sound for more information.

Other Notes

Bands and Local Artists – Please reach out to us! We love working with local talent and are very open to working out agreements to work with you!

Discounts and Considerations

  • Under 25 and looking to have a party? Reach out for student/young adult pricing.
  • Charity Events or Non-Profits can reach out for charity service consideration.
  • Special Circumstances.
  • Electronic/House Music type of events.

Payment Options

You can pay by cash, check (will need to be prior to event), or Venmo/Cash App/Paypal. Typically a $50 deposit is required at least week before the event to secure date. Full payment is expected at arrival or prior to. If you have any issues or concerns regarding this just ask we can probably work something out