Here’s our pitch:

If you are reading this page then you are most likely looking for a DJ for your wedding. The sad reality of the wedding vendor economy is that you will typically suffer extreme price gouging simply because the event is labeled a wedding. We hope to change that.

Most private wedding DJ’s are nothing special. They offer mediocre, consumer

-grade sound equipment, a limited library of music, and an expensive price tag. Chances are you’ve been to a wedding where the DJ is standing behind a table, has a few lights and two speakers on sticks.

In any circumstance you book Pasadena Sound, even our most affordable packages, you will be getting way more equipment than two speakers and a few lights from guitar center. For every event we do at-least two staff members will be on hand as well.

Often what you are paying for with a typical “Wedding DJ” is the MCing. If you are not familiar, MCing is when you require the DJ to make announcements over the PA, orchestrating dances, and introducing guests. Pasadena Sound offers this service as an option and not a requirement.

Your Options: 

We find a lot of clients who reach out for weddings are often interested in saving as much money as they can given the expensive cost of weddings. We understand this, especially because the people who know what customers want the best are the customers themselves. As such we offer a variety of wedding packages.

We can facilitate not only Music and Announcements but have the capacity to mix a full band or multiple performers. All packages come with access to two Wireless High-quality Sennheiser microphones that you or guests can use to make announcements or MC.

Our first package starts as low as $700.
This simply includes 4 hours of reception music.
If you are interested in having us MC and/or provide ceremony music the price is $950 for 4 hours. For more involved weddings the price is upwards of $1300. In any case you should call and talk to our technical director and get a quote.

More pricing information can be found here:

In summary:

  • We are the often more affordable than typical independent wedding DJs but offer far superior production value and equipment.
  • Security and Insurance. Pasadena Sound is a licensed LLC with insurance to cover unplanned incidents that can occur.
  • Far superior equipment. We can guarantee you will not find better for the price.  Our equipment is touring grade – not the typical speakers on a stick you see at guitar center. All our gear is purchased from Pro Audio dealers located in Washington DC. Our systems are that you might find in a high-end nightclub. We can get the dance floor moving with our high-end subwoofers.
  • High Quality Cloud-Based Music Selection – We use new cutting edge DJ software that most independent DJs are not familiar with yet. All our music is sourced from cloud services so there is never an opportunity where “We don
  • t have that song”. You can even create a playlist on Spotify or other streaming service before an event and we can use that. The same goes for Karaoke. No sorting through large books and looking at a CRT TV from 2006.
  • Professional Staff – You’re not paying for one guy but rather a team of professionals who will take care of their own roles – sound, lights, and the DJ.
  • Prepared for all events – even if your wedding is miles out in a field away from power we can accommodate you. We have ultra quite generators that can power the system as well as any other electric needs you might have.


Interested in booking us for a wedding?

Contact us or checkout our pricing page for an idea.  We are very flexible with pricing so its recommended you just reach out to us. It could be cheaper than you think!.