Some general things to be kept in mind:

  • We won’t do events that promote hate, violence, discrimination, or general rude behavior.
  • We also wont do events in conditions that could put ourselves, the equipment, or other people at risk of injury.
  • We reserve the right to refuse to do an event for any reason.
  • We require a reasonable parking space or parking compensation.
  • Equipment is large and heavy, we will move it but often require a clear pathway and little obstacles.
  • Sound will not be pushed to a limit that damages equipment or hearing
  • A deposit may be required for some events that have a higher chance of damage to equipment
  • The person running the event or booking the event is responsible for controlling rowdy guests.
  • If you want people to dance you will need to consider the type of music we can play, whether alcohol will be present, and the general crowd you are catering too.
  • An hour setup and tear down time is suggested but we have done it in less.
  • Additional travel fee might be added for far away trips.
  • By requesting or paying for our services you are agreeing to this terms of service.

Read the full contract here:

Full Customer Contract PDF